Tuesday, 26 February 2013

A Creepy Adventure - Ravenscraig Psychiatric Hospital


As well as February being full of Birthday celebrations and life being as busy as ever there is always time to fit in a 'Ghost Hunt'. Well, we went and explored an old abandoned psychiatric hospital - CREEPY!

I actually loved this it was such a buzz and was terrifying! Charlene even joined us and she was completely terrified it was hilarious. A few photos taken were so creepy, infact there is one which I swear you can see a ghostly face in the window. Have a look and tell me what you think! A week night were you find yourself bored with nothing to do, take a drive down here and have a look about you will not be dissapointed!  Have a read up on it 'Ravenscraig Hospital - Greenock'

Ravenscraig Hospital - Greenock

These lights have now been disconnected which makes it all the more fun

Some history behind the hospital -

HMCS Niobe (His Majesty's Canadian Ship Niobe) was a shore establishment which occupied the site which latterly became Ravenscraig Psychiatric Hospital, Greenock, Inverclyde. Operating between 1941 and 1946, HMCS Niobe was the headquarters of the RCN (Royal Canadian Navy) in Britain and fulfilled a wide range of functions, including the provision of a hospital for wounded Canadian Servicemen, and a transit camp for RCN crewmen between postings in the UK. It also maintained listing of ship's crew and next of kin for all RCN personnel based in the UK.

This is the main entrance to wards 11A & 11B

Wards 11A & 11B now derelict

History of the institution

The old Poor House of 1850 in Captain Street, Greenock, was replaced by Smithston Hospital on the site in 1879. Some Canadian records refer to it as Smithston, which corresponds with the renaming of the original institution when it was became part of the National Health Service (NHS) in 1947, removing the potential stigma of references to poor houses and asylums.
Until 1944, the hospital had its own railway station, Ravenscraig, since closed and demolished, and replaced by Branchton, which is not very far from the site of the former hospital station.

World War I

Between 1915 and 1919, parts of the hospital were given over to the treatments of wounded servicemen.

The trolleys used to transport the bodies so I'm told

An old light fitting at the main entrance of wards 11A & 11B 

World War II

In 1941 the patients and nursing staffs were transferred to other institutions such as Dykebar (Paisley), and the huge Larbert Asylum, but not before the hospital had been subjected to at least one incendiary bombing attack. To accommodate the various tasks set for HMCS Niobe, a large area of mainly Nissen hutted accommodation was constructed in the grounds.
At the end of the war, some of the steel bunk beds were commandeered and welded into the hangar deck of HMS Puncher, a lend lease aircraft carrier (formerly USS Willapa), to equip her to carry large numbers of Canadian servicemen back to Canada.

A black and white snap of the boarded up windows - This freaks me out.

Charlene on the old iron fire escape
Postwar - Ravenscraig Hospital
In 1947, the hospital was returned to civilian use, after a period of refurbishment, it reopened and became part of the NHS in 1948, when it was renamed Ravescraig. Numerous improvements were made, including the addition of an occupational therapy department in 1951. In the 1950s a day patients service was introduced, the first in Scotland. In the 1960s two new units for long–term patients were constructed. The hospital was transferred to the Board of Management for Greenock and District Hospitals in 1969. When the NHS was reorganised in 1974 responsibility for Ravenscraig passed to the Inverclyde District of the Argyll and Clyde Health Board. The original asylum buildings were closed in 2005 but peripheral buildings continue to provide psychiatric and geriatric services.
The Hospital provides continuing care in-patient services for Adult and Elderly psychiatric patients along with rehabilitation and alcohol addiction in-patient services.
The closed buildings of the original asylum are believed to be awaiting demolition as of 2009

Andrew looking a little on edge

Even the trees look like something from Blair witch project!
This is by far the creepiest place in Greenock and I'm going to try contact someone either by contacting the security company or NHS to gain access to the inside building for a 'photo shoot'. We will see where we get to with this. Have you went on any ghost adventures? What did you see? 
Jonathan x
PS. I will leave you with this photo - Can you see anything? We can...


  1. Oooooh how creepy!!! I'd LOVE to do something like this


    1. Yeah it was pretty cool Hayley :-) If your ever about my neck of the woods let me know and we can organise a trip!

      Jonathan x

  2. Hi Jonathan my name is Andy mcallister I live just round the corner from ravencraig hospital we walk round it quite a lot at day and night it has a very spooky feel to to think there could be something or someone watching you go by is to say very intriguing .It would be good to c something done with the building but in this current financial climate .I don't think it would happen mabey some ghost hunting nights would hi light the place more I'd be up for it .and I know many others would be too thanks

    1. Hi Andy sorry it has taken so long for me to reply! This is a great building I grew up nearby this building and would love to organise a group to go exploring. The only thing we need is to gain access to the building through security? Do you have any links with these guys?

  3. Hi Jonathan.... my name is Andrea Slaven... PR manager for a wee Ghostie team in Paisley... I was wondering who I could contact in order to gain permission to investigate the hospital with a small team. Any chance you could let me know where to get this permission, would be appreciated. Thanks

    1. Hi Andrea! Please accept my apologies for my delayed reply! We didn't actually access the inside of the building we just took a walk around the grounds and have a peek in the windows! However that said, I would LOVE to investigate this with your team as the place is very interesting to me and I grew up VERY nearby this building. I will definitely ask around to see who does the security for here, please take my email stoptalkingtell@hotmail.co.uk